Friday, July 9, 2010

Testing 1..2...3

I have been "creating" this blog for a few months now, ever the procrastinator I am just now getting it done :) Not really sure which direction this blog thing will go... but looks like fun.

I guess I shall start by making introductions. My name is Melanie and I am many things to many people lol. I am the wife of a Police Officer, the mother of two beautiful little girls, daughter of an Artist and a Musician, flawed child of God, friend to many and enemy of few, lover of animals, family and Church. My weaknesses include pouting children and mexican food. I love to scrapbook... (thats an understatement)

Which is where my budding business comes in... I am trying my hand at selling my creations. For years I have dabbled in creating cards, gifts, etc for friends and family... any excuse to sit at my desk and "scrapbook". My mom, who is a talented artist, suggested that I try setting up shop on Etsy. So I did :) We will see how things go. Regardless of the outcome I am having fun (any excuse to make another trip to Hobby Lobby) Stop by my Etsy shop under Scrapdragons. Well my children are stirring and my day begins.

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